Social Responsibility
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      Measure of a company's success, not to see how much wealth he has, but to see how many contributions he made to society, assumed much responsibility。

      Create value for customers, for employees to seek development, for social responsibility to forge ahead, the courage to bear responsibility for the existence of people, full of gratitude social return on the public:! 2008 earthquake, southern snowstorm, 2010 Fujian floods, disaster always affects Wing solid Group's leadership and the staff of the heart, the Group donated money and materials to the disaster areas at the same time, the formation of a professional repair team, actively engaged power emergency, the first time to the disaster area to restore electricity, has been warmly praised the disaster the government, the people. At the same time, the Group is also through various forms of active participation in the mountains behind poverty alleviation, cultural and sports undertakings, the construction of new rural areas, social welfare and social charity, to promote economic development and building a harmonious society has made some contribution. To date, permanent Group's total donation over ten million yuan.