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Research Strategy 

Permanent Group R & D center was established in 1998, design, prototype and test specialized in electrical fittings; electrical fittings study new materials, new processes, new technology; the development of resource-saving and environment-friendly new products. China Permanent Group established headquarters Technology Development Center (Yueqing), Shanghai Super (special) high R & D Center, Jiangxi copper and aluminum materials research and development centers in close connection with the three R & D management system, and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Three Gorges University, Wenzhou University well-known institutions to establish a wide range of cooperative relations with more than 90 R & D team, including high-, intermediate engineering and technical personnel more than 50 people, electrical fittings industry in Zhejiang Province is the first provincial-level technology (R & D) center.

      Center has participated in the revision of the GB / T 14315-2008, GB / T 9327-2008 and other six national and industry standards, the cumulative commitment to complete more than 20 provinces (municipalities) level science and technology program, the quality of high-tech products and projects to catch up to fill the gaps 1, wherein the conversion of six national and industry standards, class-leading domestic level 6. Also access to municipal Science and Technology Progress Award 2, more than 30 national patents.

      UHP fittings to officially enter since 2002, in 2003 successfully developed a 500kV EHV series fittings and the smooth provincial identification of new products, breaking the monopoly of state-owned enterprises in the field. In 2008 the company continued to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the pace, aimed against the world's highest voltage level of UHV fittings, successfully developed ± 800kV UHV DC transmission line supporting a total of 249 kinds of fittings by relevant national testing agencies testing, and in June 2009 successful bidder Xiangjiaba ~ Shanghai ± 800kV HVDC transmission line project months. The success of the project, marking the company's product mix from the era of ultra-high pressure into the UHV era that developed into existence from the low voltage distribution network fittings to UHV gold with full coverage of the company, thereby laying the leading companies in the industry position.

Advanced equipment 

Testing Equipment

R & D center set up under the product development room, tooling room, testing laboratory, mold center and information archives, equipped with all kinds of research and development, processing, testing, testing equipment hundreds of (sets), the product can be assembled, grip strength, destruction of the test and the test load material composition analysis, vibration resistance, temperature, thermal cycling, zinc coating, etc.; the center of product design and development management system from a single CAD, Pro / E, CAXA and other design software developed to PDM product lifecycle management system.  


Production equipment

Permanent Group continued to strengthen the modernization of equipment and enhance their level of automation equipment, with a leading domestic high and low pressure casting machine, aluminum IF forging furnace 1000T friction presses, CNC flame cutting machine, 1250T Extrusion machines, vacuum heat treatment IF equipment, NC (milling) machine, CNC machining centers, automated warehouse, and other sophisticated equipment more than 6,000 Taiwan (sets), in order to ensure product quality laid the foundation.

R & D team 

Everlasting group has more than 100 various types of scientific and technical personnel, including high-ranking officers Title 23, a master's students returned, and employ domestic electrical fittings senior industry experts as a technical adviser. Technology Center to build an advanced design platform, equipped with PLM, CAD, Pro / e, CAXA and other advanced design and management software, establish and improve the information database, a full-time staff on the electric power industry with the latest domestic and international technology dynamically tracking technology to ensure the development of forward-looking; to "go out" and "Please come in" complementary personnel recruitment system, the formation of the old, young combined to the main, the old with the green "three" R & D echelon personnel.