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Yonggu vision 

Link the world to pass future

Coupling power transmission: from low-voltage distribution fittings UHV fittings to full coverage, providing more areas of the world's electricity, comprehensive, personalized service power supporting the overall solution, to fully protect the safe and stable operation of electric power transmission.
Coupling a first-class science and technology: targeting world-class science and technology, improve the capability of independent innovation, China's leading electrical fittings industry forward direction, electrical fittings industry innovation development path, and strive to develop leading-edge technology applications, has Everlasting create distinctive products and services.
Join the global market: integration into the international market, creating international brands, business strategy gradually transition from a manufacturing-driven drive to create, market-driven transition from regional to drive market and brand internationalization, from efficiency-driven to drive the transformation of social responsibility, and brand network , global marketing, management, human resources and other areas so that the "existence" of the most widely recognized brand, to build a world-class electrical fittings business.

Deliver leading value: committed to customers, employees, shareholders passed the leading value, common development and common progress; fulfill social responsibility, do a good corporate citizen.
To promote social progress: to promote social progress and technological innovation, leading the creation of advanced management, science and technology, culture and global brand, and promote common prosperity and development of the society.
Leading employees progress: uphold employee-oriented, personal development and financial business development in one, to build industry-leading team, training industry elite talent.


Yonggu Mission 

Standard-setter User Keeper value creator

Standard setters: Permanent products do not only manufacturer, but is committed to setting the standard for the industry to continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence as the core, leading Chinese electrical fittings industry to participate in international competition and create value for the community to make its due contribution.
User Guardian: customer satisfaction is our value of existence. Everlasting committed to delivering value and meet customer needs, and always adhere to and advocate to provide users exceeding customer expectations of products and services continued.
Value Creator: as to become a world-class electrical fittings corporate existence, duty and responsibility to customers, shareholders, employees and the community continue to create value, in order to achieve common development, mutual benefit and win-win and common prosperity and harmony.


Yonggu Spirit 

United Qizhi heart gathered together Qi

United Qi Li: Chi-made existence, talent is the core competitiveness existence of sustainable development, the talent and dedication of times square in order to create brilliant achievements of a century of existence.
Gathered Heart: Heart existence built in existence, employees are not employees, the same family existence. Everlasting Everlasting happiness were always portrayed blueprint with faith and loyalty.
Co-Qi Li: behind existence, permanent human finger grip into a fist, hold reunion in the spirit of courage and hard work, to build on the momentum and continue to provide world-class electrical fittings business.


Yonggu Value 

Integrity and innovation to bear responsibility and enterprising

Honesty: Everlasting survival is fundamental development is the fundamental criterion Everlasting people acted.
Innovation: existence is to lead forward the banner of existence is to promote the sustainable development of inexhaustible power.
Bear responsibility: development is the basic code of conduct existence is existence actively fulfill social responsibility, contributing to society, promote employee allegiance dedicated beacon.
Ahead: the existence of endless spiritual realm, is from the struggles of life and career embody the passion.


Yonggu Talent 

Appreciating use their talent equally

Without discrimination: equality before the system, penalties and rewards, non-discrimination, do not give up, to create a harmonious interior atmosphere, the staff give a fair assessment, give a fair return based on the performance and capabilities.
Appreciating use: everyone has their own bright spot, found merit, inadequate correction, everyone is the only available
Renjinqicai: explore strengths of each person, the right people in the right positions, so that each employee to fully display their talents.



Yonggu Happiness 

2011 is the first year the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", is also the first year of existence the sixth five-year plan, it is the starting year of existence create "happiness enterprise", through five years of existence time initially established "system of happiness", and gradually build a "high, learning, innovation, green type, harmonious" and "Everlasting happiness."

Create "Everlasting Happiness" is a never-ending dynamic process, only the starting point, not the end, happiness long way to go, permanent will consistently create more value for employees, shareholders, customers and society, thereby improve the overall well-being index, to create a happy and harmonious enterprise.